About me







The idea of neon4m was born in 2018. The prototype was made purely for personal pleasure. I wanted to create something unique that would differ from everything usual and already seen, an object that would make me feel special and original.

Environmental protection plays a fundamental role in my project. Therefore I decided to use only upcycled materials to create my products.

Ah, sorry! I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Nico, the Italian designer, and producer of neon4m. My bags are created from the beginning until the end in my atelier in Berlin, where I am based.

I can guarantee you that each creation is a single extract of passion - I am offering you handcrafted designs, which you will not find anywhere else. I believe that everyone should have an access to art, that’s why I am selling my unique products at affordable prices. 

I am very happy to have you here!