The idea of neon4m was born in 2018. The prototype was made for purely personal pleasure, to create something unique that would differ from everything usual and already seen, an object that would make me original and make me feel special.

Environmental protection should have played a fundamental role in this project, and so the use of materials derived from other industrial processes, and their revaluation (upcycling), could give a further symbolic value to the creation of the objects themselves, further reinforcing their uniqueness, given the rare availability of the materials used.

Ah, sorry! We haven't introduced ourselves yet. I am Nico, the designer and producer of the beautiful objects you will see on our website.

I can guarantee you that each creation is a single extract of passion, shaped for a single purpose, to offer you a handcrafted product of remarkable beauty. Furthermore, I aim to put Design first and not the barbaric rules of the market, which is why the prices of my creations are modest.

If you share my thoughts and like my products, you are very welcome.